Exmoor is loosely defined as ‘an area of hilly moorland in west Somerset and north Devon’ Let’s just say it is in South West England and is unspoilt geographical happiness. (peterspencer49 flickr)

Toque rural by Jose Manuel Cruz Leal on Flickr.



by Akos Major


ukimages: Stourhead, England by Mexicanwave
enchantedengland: Stourhead is a village in Wiltshire, oddly enough on the river Stour. I am READY FOR FALL!!!! It is hot as crap here. And before you say ‘AUTUMN!’ in that reproving tone, consider this: the use of ‘fall’ for the autumnal season originates from old Sussex slang. Eighteenth century or so. I’m not saying your old gaffer says it. (source)

bird watching (by Lighthouse Keeperess)
Opaque  by  andbamnan